Guillermo Casanova | Visual Art, Graphic Design, Creative Direction
XXYYXX May 2014 Tour
Power of Surfaces
Marble / Marcel Everett / SALES / Spies On bikes / UBIK
The Debt Collector
3"X5" Collages
XXYYXX - Laneway Festival 2014
Cateterismo Espiritual
Relief in Abstract
MARBLE - "house music" (Deluxe)
Fortune Howl Website
Bird Brain
Planes of Obsolescence
Jagan Mai - 'Mana Pool'
Fortune Howl / Out Go the Lights / SALES
Know V.A. - 'Slow Jamz'
Party Hardy Tour PR 2013
Ideas in Solitary Confinement
Las Abejas - 'Lazy Views'
Fortune Howl - 'Earthbound [Remixed]'
XXYYXX September 2013 Tour
Fortune Howl - 'Earthbound'